The seed was planted. My National Speakers Association Colleague told me about this Soul Train Cruise. He said he and his wife lost weight on the cruise because of the excess of dancing. This is exactly what I need in my life. I was a radio disc jockey in 1992-1996. Since October 2014, I have been researching and “strategizing” on  how to bring the high level of fun back into my life. This is it. This is the perfect kick-off to the new phase of my life. The date just happened to land on my birthday. It’s a sign.

Who would you expect to be on this cruise? As far as cruises go, this is not cheap. Now considering the music, mostly 70’s who would you expect to be there? This was my estimation. I figured it would be 55-75 year olds. 90% black, 9% white and me.

From my estimation of 2100 people (doesn’t include the hired folks)

  • 95% Black
  • 4% White
  • 1/3% Asian (7 of us)

The age range, I believe my estimate to be right on. Many retired folks and just small handful for people under 50. This demographic was fine and dandy and I had a fab time.

I was determined to take this trip, but I needed roommate. What do you do? Craiglist?

 Here are pictures from the first few days of the #soultraincruise – To see full size pics go here. 

#1 Jolene goes on the Soul Train Cruise

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