Intelligence to me is a combo of book and street smarts. It’s using critical thinking to say and do the appropriate action, pausing before doing and thinking about the possible outcomes, and evaluating the pros and cons and of course all done in an efficient manner. (Going for the longest sentence award). Intelligence to me is the ability to understand new material because you know how to learn. It encompasses logical thinking and practicality.

What says intelligence?

  • He is witty and can understand you even when you are stumbling to get the right words, because he knows you and knows what you are like.
  • He has a bank of knowledge from a vast array of interactions around the world.
  • He is in the moment with experiences, but he also reflects on what he learns.  It’s added to an internal knowledge bank to access at a later time.
  • He is resourceful and can draw on the resources around him to solve the problem.
  • He stays up on current events so he can stay relevant and be a community contributor.
  • When you ask him what you guys should do after dinner he already has options. He is at least one step ahead.
  • He can manage any situation.

Who comes to mind?


#10 Trait – Intelligent – Top qualities I Strive for and Admire

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