A person who is disciplined has self-control whether it is resisting the 5th apple fritter, staying focused on finishing their website, yet not staying up to 3:34am to get it done. A disciplined person has a routine and is organized, punctual and is in an intentional groove, not taking meandering detours unless he is exploring. He uses discipline to accomplish his goals and strives for continual self-improvement.

It takes lot of will power to stick to your guns and to your routines across the board. Because, I am competitive, the “What gets measured gets improved” works for me — I track my steps, sleep and calories and many other items, so I can benchmark my progress. I admire people who set out a goal and maintain focused on it. I “love me a team” to live by example and inspire each other.

How will you know if he is disciplined? Here are few clues:

  • Just like Amica Insurance when he signals right, he goes right.
  • He makes his bed.
  • He gets up before 7am.
  • He drinks in moderation.
  • He is more productive than others.
  • If he has kids, they are well-behaved and respectful.
  • When he commits to something it will be done.
  • He doesn’t say, “ohhhhh, there’s never enough time”. He rules his life and makes time for what he wants.

Sound like anyone you know?

#11 Trait – Disciplined– Top qualities I Strive for and Admire

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