A person with confidence can be themselves, they don’t need to fit into template.  They can have opposing opinions and they can share them. They can act different, be different and look different, and are not fearful to be outside of  the norm. A common belief from a confident person is “You don’t know until you try it.” A confident person knows that confidence is built by trying and failing and trying again and again. They can handle anything with relative grace. A problem is just another meal to eat that may take a little more chewing. They are a risk taker. My definition of risk is making a decision with many unknowns, but doing it anyway. They go for it. They ask for what they want. Pushing boundaries is a weekly if not daily practice. From so many experiences, wins and failures, they know that can handle what comes their way. They tend to have high standards because they believe they can achieve them.

I want to meet the people who are being themselves full time. At Burning Man, I was told many times that the default world is constraining and people can’ t be themselves, so Burning Man is the adult playground where people enjoying their freedom.

What are examples of confidence?

  • At the condo complex garage, he questions a stranger who he saw follow another person into the private garage.
  • At the Thai Restaurant, he can say with a straight face “He will order the Pad See Ow” pointing to the women. And if he can do this at American Restaurant, wow!
  • He can do something creative for you like make a song out of your name on some cool app and give it to you, not knowing if you may think is dumb or weird.
  • He can wear bright colors.
  • He can fail without freaking out.
  • He can be wrong and he can also apologize.
  • He can be vulnerable.
  • He can trust you.
  • He doesn’t worry.

This quality stands out to me loudly to me. Where is this man?

#1 Trait – Confident– Top qualities I Strive for and Admire

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