How is this theme cruise different than a normal cruise?

Well the #soultraincruise is all about music and dancing. If it doesn’t have to do with either one, then it’s not happening. I thought there would be pool games, ping pong tournaments and cooking classes, but its all about the music. Those activities would probably be a distraction anyway.

 Soul Train Cruise

1st Day Soul Train Line

Yes, there was sunshine and yes there was a pool, but not to bathe in or to lay around. We danced around the pool. This was the first Soul Train Line the first day.

Did you sit out by the pool and read? Ha! I don’t know if anyone did this? People avoided the sun most if they could.

Did you dance in the day?

Why yes? Its a dance cruise, so its dancing in the halls too. The music in the halls made sure at least, I was always feeling happy in my element. Music is my drug.

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2nd Day – Pool Party – DW3 Concert


SoulTrainCruise_ConferenceReporter_Jolene (863)

We were busy going to events. We missed a couple of activities, since there were a few choices for the evening entertainment. Here is a one of the daily Holland America Soul Train Cruise Agenda. We had this schedule when we walked on the ship and then it was also published to a sheet the night before.

Soultrain Cruise Daily Schedule

What was my daily routine? Get up at 10am, grab a small bite, then go to an activity at 11am and then go to everything on the schedule from then on. The dance club starts up just before midnight, then I would close out the club at 4am.

Yes, it was many concerts, but they also arranged interactive meet the artist events, like Q & A’s with the performers. When do you have an opportunity to learn about he real lives of the performers? Not too often. Good job Soul Train Cruise Team. Well done.


#2 Soul Train Cruise – Slice of daily life – How is different than a normal cruise?

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