I love the #Soultrain music, but I can’t figure out why I know it. My parents didn’t listen to it, nor did my sister. It’s still a mystery to me when I had access to the music and perhaps it was recently? I am 41 and so I am a bit young to have seeked out the show. Someday soon, I will find the answer. I only saw the Soul Train Videos a couple weeks before on youtube.

From my interviewing, I learned a couple of things. I do love music, including big band swing dance music, Rat Pack, Pop and my R & B. In junior high and high school I was a percussionist, but I don’t know much about real bands.

What I learned

The R & B, Motown community is a small one – a family. Everyone knows each other and has played in each other’s bands. The musicians are in a headliner band, but they also play with other groups and have their own gig. I was also surprised to see young band members because most of the singers are in their 70s.  The band DW3 and Hitzville played cover songs, they were both incredibly talented. I saw drummers jump into each other’s band and even a passenger drummer jump in and jam. I was surprised by the spontaneity and flexibility to able to fit in so quickly.

Keith Ferguson, The Spinners, Key Boardist, Musical Director

Carlos Strong, BB Kings, Singer

Joey Green, Gladys Knight’s Bass Player

Mike Clark, Hitzville’s Keyboardist

#3 Soul Train Cruise – What did you learn about the Soul Train Community?

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