Day3CrowdSourceHim_curiousA curious person wants to know why and wants to experience things first hand, at least I do.  We are fascinated by this world and want to know how everything works. We appreciate the little things. We are explorers asking questions and pushing our boundaries and inviting the world in.  Change is not scary, it is invigorating. He is a sponge to knowledge and experience and is always growing. He at one point in time watched the Discover Channel “How its made,” “Build it Bigger,” “Top 10 most extreme water sports” and “Dirty Jobs.” Okay, I am dorking out here. The cat is out of the bag.

More about him:

  • He is not done learning, never, nor is he a know-it-all. He enjoys continually learning. He takes classes, reads books, listens to different podcasts and pulls from a variety of sources to keep well-rounded.
  • He is the person at the table saying “Did you know that Costco has 30 new products a day per store?” Oh, I guess that is me.
  • He simply doesn’t just listen to the doctor say take these antibiotics because I said so. He asks why and what are the options. That is if a man took himself to the doctor, ha.
  • He is the man you can talk with for 7.4 hours with no technology or toys in a blank slate room and partake in riveting conversations about biomimicry, Favellas in Rio and the future of medical sensors.

We will have a ball traveling the world and meeting the people in it. Sharing stories of the “pimp my trash cart” program in Brazil and the wild, sustainable and functional bamboo structures in Bali and showing how they make ice hotels in Sweden will be a dream come true.



#3 Trait – Curious – Top qualities I Strive for and Admire

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