30 Day 5 Strangers Challenge Update – 10 Days

I must meet 5 strangers and talk to them for 2 minutes and build enough rapport that they offer their name. The strangers are not told any of this. However, after a 3 hour conversation with one, I did say my challenge was to meet 5 strangers daily.

It’s 10 days in and I have met 48 strangers. It’s a tough one because I am at home a lot. I am not a chatty Kathy with random strangers.


  1. Learn about new things, places and perspectives
  2. Discover how best to strike up conversations with different people in different situations and occasions.

So far, yes, I learned these two items,I didn’t expect to learn so much about myself either.

New Discoveries

  • Inside the wire
    • Members of the military and civilians employed in military operations are within the confines of a base
  • Skaters are still relevant and there are 30 year old still workin’ it
  • Erithea is country split off from Ethiopia.  Ethiopia 84 languages
  • Underwater Hockey
  • Dreadlocks can be shampooed, but takes a really long time to dry, 4 foot long
  • Transit Authority in Seattle gave me the royal treatment service – star customer service exists
  • High school program where the students learn about the justice system including talking to inmates. ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE

New Experiences

  • I felt like burglar/detective using a different strategies to case the joint and to make a path and plan of attack to talk to strangers. I was thinking differently. It’s fun strategize and gamify my objectives.
  • I am discovering it doesn’t really matter what you say, you just want to open up the conversation. It’s not hard to do as long you don’t psyche yourself out and make difficult. I have plenty of dumb dull comments that have worked.
  • Many people want to have a community and to talk about their opinions and to share their life and their knowledge, don’t you.

Self Discovery

I have many opportunities to make be nice to make a people’s day. Currently I am not executing on this. I want to maximize happiness for others, so I will be making an effort to do so. I am task-oriented, time focused and results oriented. Dilly dallying and extraneous chatter is not in my schedule. I don’t think it takes that much time to be friendly when running errands. From now on, I will be more aware of this and try interact and inspire smiles and positivity.


This is great challenge for me that challenges me every day. It’s like improv, have faith put yourself out there and you will make it happen. I am excited to meet the next 100 people.


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