I must meet 5 strangers and talk to them for 2 minutes

One of them, I will ask them a question:

  • What do you want people to know about you?
  • What would people say is special about you?
  • What made you laugh today? Smile?

Why did I choose this challenge?

The last couple months I have been trying to push the boundaries of my comfort zone and this would do it. I see the value of talking to random people on the street who I normally wouldn’t talk to. As the Conference Reporter, this is what I do in professional setting, but not in the everyday scenarios. After initiating 150 conversations in a month with people I normally wouldn’t be talking to is going to help me learn about the community and to be more touch with the general population. I can also discover the best way to strike up conversations in different situations.

You likely see me as outgoing and friendly, which I am. However, you see me at business events and socials. At these events is a certain grouping of people that are going to have things in common with me and we are there to network.

In my non-business life, I will admit I am selective of who I put my energy towards and who I talk to. Now, my parents, that’s a different story. They can chat it up anytime, with anyone, their talking partner could be def, doesn’t matter. My parents are community people who all people are good. Grocery store, walking down the sidewalk, DMV line. My best friend will have 7 new friends in 15 minutes.  They are accepting and interested in everyone.

To be honest. I am not. I am interested in people who are like me, the opposite of me, or who are wildly different, the middle not so much. We have a limited amount of time and energy, so I try and be smart with my resources. Is this the way to be? I am not sure. I think about how much am I missing because I am talking to only who I want to talk to? Plus I don’t the challenges and joys of other people’s lives outside of my privileged life. When I learn about it, I probably can learn about this empathy thing being more of community builder. The bubble that I live in is much larger than it was before, but I want to burst that bubble and to be interested in all people.

Another thing is I know that I have the ability to bring smiles and make people’s days. That’s one of my super powers, how selfish of me to not use it. I should use my powers even when I don’t feel like it.


My joy is inspiring other people to take action. Three other people are joining me. If you want to join you, you can comment on this link what you commit too.


30 Day 5 Strangers Challenge

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