I wanted a social challenge that would beeasier than the last one. As I dive into my explorer mode, I find joy in learning about new things. Wouldn’t it be fun to see what other people are discovering too? Perhaps I might want to do a few video stories and what we discover. I wish to have people join me on this challenge. The question is: What did you discover today?


30D Challenge_Discovery

Learn something from someone else. Try to discover more than one thing and look to find the most interesting item to share with us the daily post.

Here examples of discoveries I find interesting:

DogasstService Dog to help detect seizures

Did you know there are service dogs for people who have autism? Then can sense and smell when they might have a seizure. This dog is helper this gentlemen’s son. Dogs and also smell with a diabetic is low in blood sugar. Who know? More info on service dogs for autism.

Chest Piercing

Have you ever seen a chest piercing? Here you go? This is pierced through like an anchor screw with the wings. She can swap out the jewelry part and swap it out with her chin and nose piercing stones.









30 Day Challenge – “Discovery” – December

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