What happened? How were you habits? Hmmmm, lots of room for opportunity. For the first 15  days, I did 15 minutes a day for 10/15 days.  Then I was traveling for a week in DC and didn’t run into any wood workers. I got busy and demotivated to work on this research. What? Yes, because I was just doing the planning, there is not instant gratification in the this challenge. That is one problem, the other is, I like to talk to people, but I didn’t have much of that scheduled into the process except for maybe calling a few strangers.


I did my immediate research learning on online about wood and projects. My friend on facebook had good resources too. The jackpot of resources was went I went dancing in the park and ran into a swing dancer I met 15 years ago, who happens to now be a wood carver, carving logs into bears. Random! He led me to Woodcraft.com. They are the largest woodcrafting supply place in America. I went to their store and met Ian who gave me all the resources I think I need. Yeah! I got all jazzed and excited. I may even take wood classes next year.

Ian - http://www.woodcraft.com/stores/307/woodcraft-of-seattle/classes

Ian, teaches a wood knife making class

Did I accomplish this task with flying colors, no, I didn’t. I say it is a mild win with a hint of failure. I am late and little incomplete, but I know the major plan. What do I learn from this? hmmm, I like people and want other people to be a part of the process. For my next challenges, I need to plug into people to my end goal.
30 Day Challenge Wood Decor Pics

30 Day Challenge – July- Results – Wood Decor #30D

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