Exercising my right brain is a joy. The most I do these days is watch Ted Talks  and attend events with creative people. The closest to working with my hands is home repair and figuring how to hang my door, replace my sink “p” trap and other home challenges.

Criteria for my 30 Day Challenges

They must be right-brained activities and non-work related. I want to guarantee myself 15 minutes a day away from work. Some people meditate, this will be my “me time”.  We all have things we want to accomplish or learn, but most of us will never make the time. However, if they think about a 15 minute increment, that’s doable. Everyone can save time elsewhere to free up these minutes. We have 1440 minutes a day.

Finding your challenges

Where do you start? Go to your bucket list. (There are many ideas on Pinterest). Take a baby step that moves you in that direction.  I looked at my goals and I have plugged in anything creative, barely. I googled 3o day challenges and found ideas, but many of them were miles below ambitious and many about habits. Sure I could change habits, but I don’t know that I can be that excited about that. Nor do people want to hear about that I flossed everyday instead of every other day. My friends mentioned playing an instrument, singing, art, writing, gardening. Yes, I am brain started churning.

Here are future challenges:

  • New Garnish, Soup or Salad Daily
  • Make one dress a week
  • Talk to a stranger a  day about….

Getting Creativity

Pinterest is full of visuals that make you say ahhhhhhhhhhh. When I need creativity I go to Pinterest.cin and Ted.com. When do I need creativity? When I am working on Conference Reporter idea, often I need to think differently, thus I want a injection and to activate my right side. I don’t believe it needs to be related at all. It’s warming up of your brain. Once I fire up my right brain, then I can back to work and be more creative.

July 30 Day Wood Decor Challenge

I am going to create the design and planning of these projects. On July 31, Show Time Day, I will have completed plans. I expect these to be simple projects to execute once I have the right resources. From my traveling to Peru and Miami and staying at sleekly designed and beachy places, I got inspired.30 Day Challenge Wood Decor Pics

  • Climbing Peg Board
  • Wood Lamp
  • Wood Centerpiece Candle holder
  • Wooden Chargers



Here are the results of this challenge.

30 Day Challenge – July – Wood Decor

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