30D_danceRecently, I went to Ignite Seattle which is series of five minute talks. I was reminded by one of the fellas who did a 30 day challenge, that I haven’t done one yet. Just 30 days and then it is done. I’ve always wanted to do challenges, so the time is now and this year. Just think after the year is done while have learned 6 new skills. Plus I will have been disciplined at least with 15 minutes of time. My challenges will all be non-business.

I figured 15 minutes x 30 = 7.5 hours I should be able to do accomplish a few moves . My company was the Fun Specialist. Whenever I was out, any time, with anyone, I had fun up my sleeve whether it was a balloon, improv game, trick or something to be an ice breaker. I want to have teaser of  where people say, “OMG, do that again! Let me bring my friends over.”

Last Summer, I took my exchange students to a breakin’ competition in the International District to the Night Market? I keep thinking I should a “b-girl”.

At folk life I saw these kids from 8-18 years old in a break dance competition. BreakDanceNightMarketWatching, I felt so happy for these kids because, how do say this, I won’t. These kids had something to take pride in and something to increase their confidence and social skills. It kind of made me want to cry. Good job Massive Monkees for offering this activity.

So when my white friend who doesn’t dance showed me this video, I thought, enough of longing. Come on, step up to the plate. Don’t sit on the sideline. I am doing it. I know this type of dancing is ridiculous muscle isolation control and flexibility. True, I am not aiming to high or working too hard, but I will be pleased to have discipline and some accomplishment.

This is the goal to do 2 or 3 of these mechanical moves

30 Day Challenge – June – Dance Moves 1

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