I jumped on Pinterest, oh, so fun. As I looked the picture tiles for animals made out of garnishes, smiles of joy came flowing. I am pretty creative, but I don’t always have the opportunity to use my creativity. I am jazzed about this challenge.

This challenge is easy and healthy.  Everyday I will make a new salad, new soup or a garnish. If you get curious, what I am making, here are a few of my idea boards on Pinterest.

1st day

Here are the first day’s creations. I didn’t make these, but I project managed. My niece and mom made these penguins.

GarnishesGarnishes on table

Desired Outcomes

The outcomes here are to create and discover new, tasty healthy options. The garnishes I wish to create so when I go to someone’s potluck, I can inject fun even with my food presentation. It also amuses me to be able to create something out of not much. I want to be able to imagine and create whether it be animals out of food or other. I believe if I start training my brain to imagine, it will begin to imagine and create in other areas.

Getting Creativity

Pinterest is full of visuals that make you say ahhhhhhhhhhh. When I need creativity I go to Pinterest.cin and Ted.com. When do I need creativity? When I am working on Conference Reporter idea, often I need to think differently, thus I want a injection and to activate my right side. I don’t believe it needs to be related at all. It’s warming up of your brain. Once I fire up my right brain, then I can back to work and be more creative.



30 Day Challenge – Soup, Salad or Garnish

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