I have found that I been focusing on the soups and garnishes and limited salads. In order to make this happen, I think I need to ask people for their salad recipes.  Here is the original challenge.

Potato Pigs


I was shooting for a mouse, but it’s all in the ears, plus their noses became snouts. By the way, I just figured out the dry black beans make excellent eyes. I cut the potatoes in half, so they would cook faster. Then I took a melon baller to make a scoop indent for the seasoned kale and gorgonzola. The ears are apple peels and the noses are olives. They were quite tasty.

Cantaloupe Flower


The cantaloupe is a bit lackluster I need to practice it for sure. I made an apple rose, which was kind of cool.

Zucchini Noodles and Meat Sauce


Zucchini has a lot of water, so I put paper towels underneath them and baked them. I needed to do a better job separating the noodles. It was quite tasty.

Cucumber Rolls


Yes, these do look messy and they were, but pretty tasty. It’s a avocado spread and I threw in salami and sprinkled yeast for a little more flavor. Next time, I will let the cucumbers drain and also add a solid texture with crunch in the roll.

Carrot Soup


This is carrot, tofu, ginger soup. My father liked it. That’s the test. Thumbs up. We are salt fiends in my family. Go protein!



I received feedback from my folks on changing my technique on my egg creations to make them thicker, deeper, smaller diameter to make it it more moist. My father is going to show me how to flip one of these. It’s kind a scary, but how cool what I be, if I can flip a big flying object and catch it. Coolest kid on the block.

Here are my other food creations.

30 Day Challenge Updates – More Soups, Salads or Garnishes

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