An ambitious person, in my book, sets out a lofty goal and believes he can do it and works toward it. He may not hit the sky, but he cleared the lamp post when everyone else was shooting for eye level. He takes risks in order to get closer to his dream. Because he can see the dream, the short-term risks are not a big deal, for the possible long-term gain. He wants to make a positive impact on the people of the world. When his parade is rained on he views it as the nourishment to feed the seeds of his dreams. He is grounded in reality and knows it is possible to reach his dreams. His ambition is his ever flowing motivation that keeps him enthusiastic for life.

 About him:

  • Yes, he is competitive, but more with himself, of course he has good sportsmanship.
  • When you are around him, you start to think “hmmm, I should step up my game.”
  • He is passionate, determined and has more energy than the next guy.
  • Peer pressure and external feedback don’t weigh him down.
  • He is resourceful and connected.
  • He thinks big and acts smart.
  • He is always working on some project.

Have you seen him? (MC Hammer reference)

#4 Trait – Ambitious – Top qualities I Strive for and Admire

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