What is funny to me?

  • Watching my exchange student try to ignite the battery operated candles with a gas lighter and vacuum with his headphones on and the vacuum cleaner off. Hearing the story of my exchange student study videos and menus on how to order a subway sandwich in America.
  • Listening to people talk about dating -holy moly – that’s entertainment.
  • Doing my 30 Day Challenge – “5 Strangers” where I meet 5 people I normally wouldn’t meet and how I started conversations and what I learned.
  • Acting like monkeys.
  • Making fun of each other who are opposites and being able to find the funny.
  • Watching a friend try and turn on the bathroom light switch which is a sensor.
  • Watching my friend and I laugh on our blooper reel.
  • Looking back at 1,2,3,4,5 years ago to see what I was doing on the this day to see I referenced Costco, chocolates or the price of gas. I think I try different things and expand my boundaries, but pictures say creature of habit.

Humor is healthy in many ways and it is contagious. It’s inclusive. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from or what you look like, you can partake in laughter. Humor is all around us, but it takes a certain perspective to see it.  The humorous person can zero into the levity of anything. That’s who I want to be around. They see the light, even if it is dim, they describe it to make it brighter for us.

  • When you talk to him, he always make you smile and its natural.
  • If the conversation is an uncomfortable and heavy he is able to de-escalate it and break the tension.
  • He wants to help others feel included and bring them through laughter.
  • He can make an expression and can make you laugh.

As I watched SNL’s Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s movie “Sisters,” I laughed hard. I am an 80s child and could relate to so many aspects of the movie. I want to laugh like this every day. Regardless if he is my match, I want to my your contacts who are humorous.


#5 Trait – Humorous – Top qualities I Strive for and Admire

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