It doesn’t matter what the problem is, where it is and how it came to be. The problem solver will solve it.  Because they are creative, resourceful and have experience solving problems and the confidence to try new approaches, they will find a way. They enjoy a new challenge and are determined to explore ways to attack it. They know they will be learning with each failure and are motivated to get closer to the solution with the process of elimination. Instead of fear they see opportunity.

  • I am sure you have many problem solvers around you. He is the one that offers new perspectives and ideas that he has heard of from Ted Talks and “Stuff you should know podcasts”.
  • He may not know the answer, but he knows who might.
  • He likely is good with games.
  • Tim Ferris is a prime example of a problem solver and my idol.
  • If I ask him for a solution for a 30 Day Challenge he knows nothing about he will come up with creative ideas even though this is not his topic area.

Who do you think of you when you need to brainstorm on a challenge?

#6 Trait – Problem Solver – Top qualities I Strive for and Admire

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