Day9CrowdSourceHim_PositiveA positive person can see the silver lining in all situations. They can uncover and illuminate gems in pitch black darkness. Yes, they are in reality, but have a vision that sees the good. They see stumbles and bumbles as opportunities for improvement. A rejection to a sales proposal is a gift that identifies their weakness, so they can modify it for a win the next time.  Resilience is part of being positive, because they will always pick themselves up and bounce back even higher because they have more knowledge and experience. They embrace change, the unknown and failure because they know they will grow from it. Regarding fear, they eat it for breakfast in their green, chia seeds, protein shake.

What are the signs?

  • He wears a smile as his go to expression and evokes grinners arounds him.
  • He tells you why getting fired was a good thing.
  • If you are feeling anxious or bitter about something he gives you a different perspective to broaden your thinking and ease your attitude.
  • He believes in you and challenges you.
  • After spending time with him you leave brighter and shine your light on others.
  • People like to be around him because has effervescent, magnetic energy

I try to surround myself with positive people. If you know guys or gals, I always want to meet people with this trait. Do you know positive people? I’d like to meet them.



#9 Trait – Positive – Top qualities I Strive for and Admire

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