Samoan daughter shot and died

~ San Francisco

~ Outside house

~ Samoan

~16 year old girl, 45 year old aunt

Rikishi, Samoan wrestling great, makes public emotional plea for help in his niece’s murder. Fatu, who is part of a famous family of American Samoan wrestlers, was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015

According to CBS San Francisco, Tofaeono was skateboarding before the shooting. A neighbor of hers saw her after she was shot, stating, “I walked outside and saw the little girl and I’m like ‘My gosh, someone shot the little girl.’”

The other female victim next to Tofaeono was identified as the teen’s 45-year-old aunt, who reportedly suffered non-life threatening injuries and is expected to live.

No hate, no grudge”: Tofaeono’s father, James Tofaeono, called for the end of gun violence in a press conference on Aug. 5.

16 year old Samoan girl shot and died and 45 year old aunt shot and is alive