On this episode of Management Development Unlocked, Eric sits down with Asian American inclusivity expert Jolene Jang.

Jolene is a fourth-generation American with Japanese, Chinese, and Swedish heritage. As an Asian American, she recognizes that Asian Americans are left out of many conversations and is working to change that. During her career in organizational development, she’s spent a lot of time building teams and performing motivational speaking, and she will soon release a podcast. 

  1. Jolene Jang’s background as a first-generation Asian-American, building teams, and motivational speaking.
  2. Eric’s response to Jolene’s question: Why does diversity matter to Girard Training Solutions?
  3. Why it’s valuable to companies to recognize diversity and expand their markets beyond their traditional customer profiles.
  4. Current demographics in the United States and how those statistics will change by 2045.
  5.  The companies finding success by marketing to Asian Americans and how they’re doing it.
  6. Jolene’s advice for new managers who want to be more respectful to their employees and customers. 

Management Development Unlocked -Asian Inclusivity in the Workplace