~ Queens, NY

~Delivery of Chinese Food

~45 year old

~Chinese American father of 3 kids, Zhiwen Yan

Speaking to the New York Post, owner Kai Yang, 53, revealed that the customer in question had a fit of rage over duck sauce late last year. That incident allegedly sparked a series of “increasingly disturbing encounters.”

“In November, he came in to pick up his order. We have duck sauce out, serve yourself,” Yang said through an interpreter, according to the Post. “He takes all of it, full bin, entire bin. He takes his order and leaves. He came back and says, angry, ‘I need more duck sauce.’ I say, ‘OK, OK, it’s here. Help yourself.’

After the incident, Yang said his Honda CRV ended up getting slashed three times. On Jan. 28, restaurant staff spotted the customer damaging the vehicle.

Chinese American Father, shot dead over duck sauce