Lecia Michelle, has been a librarian for 15 years and is currently a faculty librarian at Xavier University in Louisiana. She is also the founder and leader of “Real Talk: WOC and Allies for Racial Justice and Anti-Oppression.” Real Talk provides a safe space for women of color and also educates white women on how to become allies. She also is a Medium writer, where she writes on topics related to racial justice.

Jolene Jang, #stopAsianHate advocate, #podfestfam podcast host and once described herself as: “I’m just your typical run-of-the-mill Japanese, Chinese, Swedish, balloon twisting, karaoke singing, swing dancing, gadget-loving Fun Specialist born with extra energy. I’m sort of a cross between 1980’s Punky Brewster, Inspector Gadget and Discovery Channel’s Mike Rowe. I’m sometimes referred as the ‘Data’ Wang gadget-obsessed guy from Goonies. I am a curious creature who loves to discover, learn, share and bring people together while having fun. The main theme in my life is maximizing everything (and I mean everything). Thank you to Mister Rogers for all of those factory assembly line visits showing us efficient project flow.” Follow Jolene Jang here: JoleneJang.com @RealTalkWOCandAllies

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