~ Oakland

~ Outside shop

~ Chinese

~ Women and men

~ Boomers, Millenial

Li said he was waiting for his mom who was shopping, when he noticed two men follow two couples out of a boba tea shop near 8th and Franklin Streets Saturday afternoon.

“Then soon afterwards I hear some yelling and screaming, and I turn around, and it looks like there’s a robbery attempt right now, so I thought in my head ‘try to de-escalate the situation, start approaching, making my presence known,’” said Li.

He said one of the suspects pointed a gun at the woman’s head. Another male victim tackled the gunman, and Li tried to help push the suspect to the ground. That’s when he was shot twice – once in the shoulder and thigh. The men got away with the purses and have not been arrested.

Li said, he would do it again.


Gun pointed at Asian woman’s head, good Samaritan twice and said he would do it again