~San Francisco, washing car at home

~ Asian man in 40s and family

Man was washing his car and the attackers pulled a gun and forced him inside and gathering the wife and daughters and put them in the bathroom, then robbed them. “I was thinking either someone is going to get shot or someone’s going to call the police, like our neighbors, and it’s going to be a hostage situation,” their 11-year-old daughter said.

The man pulled off his glasses to show off the deep bruising around his eye and explained “they just pushed my face into the wall to make me realize this is a real situation.” The father and 11-year-old daughter went out the very next day and met with every single neighbor and left letters describing what happened to them.

“Seeing a neighbor and child tell them what happened… there’s more heart. They take it to heart right away,” says the man who believes a police officer heeding the same warning could be seen as intimidating to neighbors.

Put Asian family and daughters into the bathroom and held them at gunpoint