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Jolene's Mission in Life

My mission is to help people lead happier lives by thinking differently, adding perspectives, and exploring possibilities. I inspire people to dream, imagine, and play the ‘What if…” game. I provide my viewers with innovative experiences to introduce new ideas, break patterns, and inspire them to think differently.

Goal of Shows

The goal of my shows is to build connection points and to help them make better decisions via experiences that ultimately help them to be open-minded and kinder to each other.

Description of Service

I am a street and studio reporter and a show host. My interview style is casual and fun. I try make it comfortable so we can get to know who they really are.  My sleek video set up allows me to be nimble and capture what happens 45 seconds from now. I can upload a minute after I capture it.

  • I publish a minimum of 6 videos weekly.
  • I have 3 Show Series that are motivating with ideas to try.

Show Audiences

For the 3 Shows

  • Women Who Go For It – Corporate women 30-60 year olds
  • Different Than Me – Open-minded, self-learners, philanthropists and community members
  • Single in Seattle – Singles – Educated 30-50 year olds

Jolene's Broader Audience

My friends, followers and colleagues are the following:

  • Professional Speakers – travelers, highly visible, talk to lots of people
  • Event Planners – busy, travelers, women, highly networked
  • Innovators – early adopters, crave the newest, high tech
  • Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs 30-55 year olds
  • Health Conscious
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Educated 35-65 year olds