About Women Women Who Go For It! is a video series designed to empower and motivate women to step up and take action to elevate their lives for greater happiness. Inspiration I was faced with a choice to use speak up justice or not. After finding my voice to make a difference in the community, I wanted to help women discover the power of their voice and inspire them to use it. Inspiration Why Women Most of the books I read represent a male viewpoint, and while they may contain valuable knowledge, not all aspects directly translate to my situation or the specific needs of women like me. I want to share sage advice from women for women. Why Women?

Mission of the Women Who Go For It Series

The mission is to motivate women to step up, take action to elevate their life so they can be happier.

About the Series

I interview intelligent, dynamic women I admire and respect. My role is to bring out their best practices, learnings, routines and thought processes that you and I can apply to improve our lives. We will discover what influenced them and what they learned along the way.  This is an on-going series. Your organization can participate as a sponsor of the video series with your women leaders or by highlighting women in the community.