American history we were not taught – 3 min video

Listen to Japanese American Veteran Heroes: World War II Nisei Soldiers – 6 min video

Hear about the lost battalion on the battleground.

How the Japanese American soldiers broke the Gothic Line during WWII – 8 min video

In April of 1945, the all-Japanese American 442nd Regimental Combat Team broke the nearly impenetrable Gothic Line. Entrenched along the rugged Apennine Mountains of Italy, the Allies faced steep marble mountains, with some rising 3,000 feet high. When it appeared to be an impossible task for the US military to break this last German stronghold from the air and artillery, General Mark Clark requested that the 442nd attempt a breaking of the defense. Hear from two Nisei veterans who survived to tell the story of this historic military action, Toke Yoshihashi of the 100th Battalion and Yosh Nakamura of the 442nd RCT.

Hear Stamp Our Story Campaign founder Fusa Takahashi  2.5 min

Fusa shares about the Nisei World War II soldiers and incarceration in the camps during the war, and how this led to her efforts to get a US commemorative postage stamp to tell the story.

Learn about the significance of the Go for Broke Stamp

The Japanese American 442 was the most highly decorated US Battalion during WW2.

“Go For Broke” was the motto of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, an Army unit composed of Japanese Americans from Hawai’i and the mainland United States. For high-rolling gamblers in Hawai’i in the 1940s, it was slang for “shooting the works,” or risking everything for the big win. For the Nisei soldiers, “go for broke” meant that they would put everything on the line to win the war against the Germans in Europe and the war against racial prejudice at home.

Listen to 1200 audio visual interviews of Japanese American Soldiers. 

The Hanashi (“to talk” in Japanese) Oral History Collection contains over 1,200 audiovisual interviews with Japanese Americans WWII veterans, along with their contemporaries of WWII and the Japanese American experience.

Sacramento Go For Broke Stamp Release Dedication Ceremony 2021

In honor of the American men and women of Japanese heritage who served in WWII and the three Nisei women survivors of the WWII incarceration camps who started the campaign.

Dear Asian Americans Podcast -119 // Wayne Osako // Stamp Our Story // The Go For Broke Stamp

Wayne Osako from Stamp Our Story joins Jerry to share his story as well as how the Go For Broke Forever Stamp became a reality and launched on June 3, 2021. He shares the story of how the Nisei women came up with the idea.

Daniel James Brown, author of Facing the Mountain, with Tom Ikeda and Lori Matsukawa

Facing the Mountain: A True Story of Japanese American Heroes During World War II (Viking) , a major new book about WWII Japanese American incarceration and the 442nd RCT by Seattle writer Daniel James Brown. The virtual event will feature a conversation between Daniel James Brown and Densho Executive Director Tom Ikeda, (who has conducted oral histories with many of the men highlighted in the book) and will be hosted by broadcast journalist Lori Matsukawa, who has roots in both Seattle and in Hawai’i.