Complexities of the blending of Chinese and American Culture - Hear from Seattle Pastor

Talking to 2nd Generation Chinese American Pastor in Seattle

Here examples of cultural differences from Chinese culture and American culture. Ming’s experience is rather typical.

What was he taught by his Chinese American father (immigrant, 1st generation?

In this candid conversation you will hear:

  • How pride and shame culture plays out in America
  • Why Chinese Americans don’t want to speak up about anything negative. Speaking up may be seen as selfish and being a burden.
  • Being taught that no one cares what you have to say. If you are treated badly as an Chinese American, its your problem.  Suck it up.
  • Examples of holding in feelings and repressing them.
  • It’s not that bad compared to what Black people are experiencing.

At 8 minutes, as father or mother, have you been treated like this? Ming tells us about his recent experience as a father of 3 bi-racial children at the playground. Does this happen to White people?

Ming has a Chinese American Congregation. Learn about what he saw was happening in the community.