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Become an Asian Ally. Join us! We need you!

With only almost 7% Asian Americans we need more support so Asians can live safely. Join Asian Allies

Join a group of citizens who believe in supporting other humans. We brainstorm on ways to use our privilieges to benefit underserved and ignored populations. We meet online weekly and share ways we can make both Asian lives and our own better. A few minutes here and there can make a big difference in Asians’ lives and yours. It is rewarding to you know that you are making your community a better place. We all have different talents and you use yours in a way that fits you. The group is safe place to make mistakes.

We have various projects, campaigns and tools we are building to make it easier to a kind inclusive community member. No worries if you cannot make the meetings, you can be active online and read articles and watch videos to educate yourself and your circles.