Asians in America are attacked every day. Every day Americans do not know this and may not care.

The media doesn’t share Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders because it is a business. Asian Americans represent 6% of Americans and half of the group as has are native English speakers. This really leaves 3% of the audience who might care about other Asian Americans. The majority of Americans do not relate and do not care enough to be impacted, so stories about Asians even murders are do not make the mainstream media.

I created this timeline so people can see for their own eyes how dire this problem is. I split the timeline to months, because there were so many attacks it took too long to load. You can go to the month and use the arrow to advance the stories.

I had so many nightmares of seeing brutal attacks, that I had to take a break, so I could sleep. Asian Ally, Bo Frank, has been updating the timeline.

I want to believe that there are people out there who do care if they knew it was happening.

Timeline of Attacks on Asians by month