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Even $3 monthly helps. We need non-Asians to speak up. I believe that if you knew this was happening, you would do something about it. Your support will amplify Asian voices and their untold stories, so people will know and can choose to do something.

Your contribution will support the creation of videos and podcasts, spotlighting Asian experiences. Together we will educate city officials, and other community leaders to build inclusive, safer neighborhoods. A tiny effort on your part can move mountains. Are you with us? Don’t wait, stop the hate.

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It goes in waves. When I have more help, I will post more on Linkedin because a lot of companies and people with power can influence here. People are timid to engage with anti-Asian hate.


Will you be an active Asian Ally? Join the FB group to learn how to be an ally.

You are the accepted majority and others are more apt to listen to what you endorse. Asians are met with silence when we share.  You can help by listening and believing. You may think you are helpless, but you are powerful and we need you. A tiny effort on your part can move mountains. Thanks for your consideration.

This is a weekly drop-in discussion and on-going group.

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Asians you have a safe place to talk freely with no code switching

I created a safe space for Asians to talk and listen. (Zoom) I thought I was all alone, but there are many Asians that feel the same way. I am hosting weekly Empowered Asians Facebook discussions.

My mission is to #StopAsianHate. My immediate strategy is currently to increase awareness by empowering Asians to speak up and turn up the volume and in tandem, invite non-Asians to listen and take action. I am an Asian in a White Community.

Join here and share with your Asian network. This is a safe place and resource. Weekly drop in meeting on Wednesdays.

Empowered Asians

Clubhouse: Jolene Jang

I am listening in, but not hosting yet. Clubhouse is an easy way to hear diverse opinions from non-each chambers.