After watching what these young Asian women leaders are fighting just to survive. They put everything into perspective. I am no aware of an additional 22 privileges I have. We have shelter, vehicles, food, language and computers.

This is a prime example of the model minority myth harming Asians. We don’t ever hear these stories. What is safety to you? What are your concerns today for your daily routine?

Listen to South and South East Asian women leaders of non-profits from Bronx, NY. They have layer upon layer of obstacles: deportation, shelter, food, covid, stopasianhate

• Language barriers

• Communication obstacles – limited cell phones and computer access

• Overfunding of police, underfunding with housing

• Increased policing in Chinatown makes it worse for Asians • Vaccine racism • Undocumented • Rent-burdened • Food drops

• Homecare, construction, taxi drivers, massage workers, nannie, restaurant workers

• Sex trafficking survivors

• “Men with guns is worse for women and women sex-workers”

• Police raids in marginalized spaces – is not the solution

• Abolitionists

• Anti-blackness, colorism, gender

• Safety is a patriarchal term

• The only safe community is an organized community. You might fast forward to minute 10.

Conversations on Justice – Asian American Heritage Month

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