Do you have tough topics at your meetings?

  •    Discouraging data
  •    Complex content
  •    Sensitive subjects

No one wants to participate in these discussions, but it is imperative for the health of your business.

Jolene can assist you with meeting design, delivering vital monotonous materials, and making the content accessible and understandable to your employees.

Do you need Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging?

Racial Profile of the US 2045Does you see the necessity to be inclusive for the longevity of your business? Are you preparing for the rapidly changing demographics in America?

Your diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging training, doesn’t have to be painful and guilt-ridden. Learning about different cultures can be fascinating, eye-opening and enlightening. As a professional speaker and entertainer I know how to engage employees.  Hire a professional to facilitate delicate discussions on sensitive subjects. Participant-centered meeting design always wins.

Gamified Programming

By creating a familiar environment through gamification, Jolene creates a space where people can let their guard down, feel more at ease, and be available in the conversation. Not everyone can finesse their way around topics of race and culture. Instead of fumbling through these crucial conversations, hire a professional, Jolene Jang, who lives in this space.

Get an idea of Jolene's training

"Jolene is a friendly, dynamic, and engaging presenter who knows how to put people at ease, even when discussing challenging topics. She creates a warm, welcoming space where each person is encouraged to share and to listen to new perspectives. I always leave her workshops feeling energized and ready to take action!"

Veronica Beck, Technical Writer – Seattle