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Aren't Asians All Alike? The Misunderstood Americans

What are your perceptions of Asians?  Are they accurate? Discover how perceptions of Asians are shaped by stereotypes, labels and depictions in pop culture. We unpack the Asian category and illuminate the vast spectrum of Asians that are lumped together. We conclude with learning about the contributions to our culture by Asian Americans, like Bing Cherries and the N95 Respirator. After this eye-opening program, participants will have a more realistic understanding of Asian American perspectives.

Program 60-90 minutes Perfect for May’s Asian American, Pacific Islander Heritage Month, AAHPIM

If you don't appeal to Asian Americans, what is it costing your company?

Are you struggling to get qualified employees? What are you sales? Do you need new customers? You might want to pay attention to the Asian American market.

Do you know that Asian Americans:

  • Are the fastest growing ethnic population in the U.S.
  • Have the fastest growing purchasing power in the U.S.
  • Have the highest median income of all Americans

To attract and retain Asian American talent and clients, you need to be Asian Inclusive. Contact us for training.

Program 60-90 minutes

Managing Verbal Aggressions

What happens when someone at your meeting utters disparaging comments and escalates their voice? You know that the person is being disrespectful, but do you know what to do about it? Who is responsible? Is it that bad? Who are they disrespecting and why?

  •  Do you want your employees to be able to support one another when this happens?
  •  Do you want the person who is attacked to be defended?

These uncomfortable confrontations happen often targeting people of color, including Asians. I will share my personal stories and different perspectives and suggestions on how to manage these verbal aggressions before they turn into physical aggressions.

Program 60-90 minutes

Looking through Cultural Lenses

How do we form connections with others who do not share our same experiences, perspectives, and view of the world? How do we get over the awkwardness of trying to grow new relationships in the workplace, with our neighbors, and in our personal lives? In this workshop, through hearing about personal stories and real life experiences, participants will be inspired to deepen conversations, find common ground, and appreciate the rich diversity of our community.

  1. What influences how we see our world?
  2. How do you widen the personal lens?
  3. How to begin those awkward conversations
  4. How to nurture and grow our relationships
  5. Finding Common Ground

Program 60-90 minutes

Uncovering Unconscious Bias

Inclusivity is critical these days in view of rapidly changing demographics. Expand and nurture your business through inclusive strategies. Here is your opportunity to learn how and why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) matters and will benefit your business. Ignoring this can potentially hurt your business, with reduced sales and even negative publicity.

  • Do you know your region’s demographics?
  • Is your marketing inviting and inclusive or is it driving clients away?
  • Is your client list diverse?
  • Are you missing opportunities for business?
  • Do you have effective community outreach?

One of the purposes of DEI training is to increase awareness about how are actions impact others.

Program 60-90 minutes

Is Your Marketing Attracting or Repelling Clients?

When your employees or members are NOT culturally competent, there is a lot to lose in terms of reputation and business, as well as lawsuits. Nice, well-intentioned people, might be offending co-workers and customers without even knowing it. With training and education, your team can be more inclusive,  which is more fulfilling and helps your business.

After leading focus groups with your team, we can uncover your specific challenges, create training, and then we can gamify the program.


"Jolene Jang fosters open discussions between Asians and non-Asians like myself that create awareness and understanding to Asian perspectives while also spotlighting challenges and discrimination that Asian communities face. I am now able to more inclusive in all of my groups."

Amy Estes Spicka, M. S. – Montana


Company cultures are different and have different experiences. I customize annual training packages so your workforce can be inclusive and productive. When employees are positively engaged they are more likely to stay with your organization. We can do monthly training, customized departmental competitions, in-house Asian Inclusion campaigns. We will tailor your training and consulting to your needs and your market.

  •  Do you have a specific problem you need to solve?
  •  Are you wishing to retain your Asian Employees?
  •  Do you have specific initiatives you need help with?