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Asian Inclusivity Consultant

Jolene Jang, Asian Inclusivity Consultant, trains Fortune 500 companies on how to be  ASIAN

INCLUSIVE.  Being Asian inclusive could help your company tap into the fastest-growing market segment in the US whose purchasing power is twice that of the African American and three times that of the Latinos.


I create comprehensive, customized programs that intrigue, illuminate, and deepen your understanding of Asian Americans. I educates on the topic of Asian American cultures in an engaging, gamified, non-threatening way.


"Jolene addressed our therapists with challenging topics and helped them understand the complexities of issues related to racism. Her approach inspired our staff to openly discuss the issues and motivated them to learn more. Her engaging style and passion made the vital training a memorable experience."

Kevin P. Henry, Diversity & Inclusion Program Coordinator, Sound Health


Asian Inclusivity Services

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are now on people’s radar, but the plight of Asian Americans is not. Most Americans do not know much about Asian Americans and leave Asians out of the DEI conversation.

I ensure that Asian Americans are included in the diversity, equity and inclusion conversation. Most companies skip over APIs and concentrate on other marginalized groups. Instead we can all learn about each other. Likely the future of your organization can benefit from understanding and including the fastest-growing American population. I will help your employees understand the value and rewards of Asian inclusivity, such as attracting and retaining Asian clients and employees. Let’s see what you are working with first, then we can customize your Asian Inclusion programming.

  • Presentations (40 hours worth of training)
  • Asian Inclusion Assessments
  • Facilitating Employee Resource Groups and Business Resource Groups
  • Creating custom Asian Inclusion Training Modules
  • Onsite Asian Inclusivity Educational Installations
  • Consulting