Start with this intro presentation: Aren’t Asians All Like?

The Misunderstood Americans

What are your perceptions of Asians?  Are they accurate? Discover how perceptions of Asians are shaped by stereotypes, labels and depictions in pop culture. We unpack the Asian category and illuminate the vast spectrum of Asians that are lumped together. We conclude with learning about the contributions to our culture by Asian Americans, like Bing Cherries and the N95 Respirator.

CELEBRATE AANH/PI Heritage Month in May

Jolene Jang, Asian Inclusivity Consultant, can help you create workplace culture where Asian employees feel like they belong.  Your company will attract and retain more Asian clients and employees.

Jolene will supercharge your Asian American and Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander Heritage Month celebration with a thought-provoking, engaging program sharing crucial knowledge and teaching vital intercultural skills.

Customize your celebration. Jolene’s programs can include:

~ Cultural assessments and surveys

~ Focus groups with your employees

~ Customized educational programs

~ Executive briefings

Before you order Chinese take-out, ask yourself, “Does your diversity, equity and inclusion program include Asian American cultures?”  This is not merely a “one and done” program, this is an essential on-going education and practice.

"Jolene Jang fosters open discussions between Asians and non-Asians like myself that create awareness and understanding to Asian perspectives while also spotlighting challenges and discrimination that Asian communities face. The word Asian is used as a blanketed term to represent a large number of countries and very diverse cultures. She continues to educate us that Asians Aren't All Alike. I am now able to more inclusive in all of my groups."

Amy Estes Spicka, M. S. – Montana

Why is it important to celebrate AANHPI Heritage Month?

What is your style? How do you interact with the audience? What is important for companies to do?

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