Aren't Asians All Alike?

Asian American Cultures/ Diversity Equity Inclusion

Research shows that having a diverse work force can improve financial results, increase innovation, and elevate team performance. Your company may already have a DEI program that addresses African Americans, LGBTQ+ and people with disabilities.  So, what’s missing? The Asian American perspective. Likely your company is missing an important piece of the DEI puzzle.

Asian American Culture Program Series

• To educate on Asian American History

• Increase awareness about #StopAsianHate

• Methods to take Action

• Celebrate and engage with Asian Culture


Increasing Awareness for anti-Asian hate & creating safe environments

This series educates and discusses the value and business case for understanding your co-workers and Asian Culture. Yes, it is profitable to understand more about your Asian employees and of course  other people of color. It can save your company from costly lawsuits, turnover and bring your company new ideas and access new markets.

Asian Americans are being lit on fire, cars torched, being peed on, toddler stabbed, acid thrown on their faces, bodies sliced, kicked, stomped, punched and shot dead. Most of them are while walking and almost all by non-police officers. If more majority people heard Asian stories, I have hope that some of them will awake from their silence and move to action.

This program series will layout the current problem of Anti-Asian Hate in an interactive format and then we will close up with reasons why diversity is profitable.

We need your help to amplify our Asian voices. You are the accepted majority and others are more apt to listen to what you endorse. Without the White majority, we unfortunately can’t make much of a change statistically.

For example, when I share or post on the topic of #StopAsianHate only a few people engage with it and only because I have begged, pleaded and dedicated 16 hours a day on all my social platforms to this effort.  A few of my friends chose to show me they care by learning about it, the majority met with me with silence which is a common experience for other Asian Americans who are speaking up.  On neighborhood sites, I am either met with silence, denial or hate.

It is not safe for Asian Americans in our daily lives and you wouldn’t even know about it because this is not a topic your Asian Friends and colleagues will tell you about. We are also not asked about our well-being.

Five of my friends were harassed in Seattle last week and no one seems to recognize this as a problem. Besides sharing news clips of the daily violence that doesn’t make the mainstream news,  I am trying to localize and humanize the problem by sharing Asian voices. We need your help to share and talk about #StopAsianHate with your networks. You can move mountains with a few words and clicks, please recognize your power, even though you may believe otherwise.