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Slide Professional Speaker Moderator Virtual Presenter - Innovation – Idea generation
- Interactive Meetings
- Diversity – Asian Culture
-Bridges to the audience
-Adds energy
-Keeps program moving
- Participant-centered
- Interactive, dynamic, tech-savvy
- Organized, efficient, enjoyable

Slide Corporate Training & Programs

My Approach to Speaking

As a presenter/professional speaker it is my responsibility to keep you engaged. If you fall asleep or do not remember the points of my speaking, then the blame is on me. One of the reasons, no one falls asleep on me is because I have short attention span too. The presentation has to be interactive to get attention and to be remembered. My experience as a corporate entertainer and working primarily with engineers has given my special powers to connect with techies.

Need an infusion of new ideas?

You are tasked with coming up with brilliant ideas yesterday and need remarkable concepts now. I am able to think differently about the issues you may have because I don’t know your world. In bio-hacking the principle is if you want better outputs, then get better inputs. Using my experience I am able to propel your team out of autopilot, in order to access more brain resources. After I set up optimal environments, it is go-time to prime, feed, brainstorm, and discuss the ‘what if’s’ for your company’s next big thing.

My LEFT brain can maximize your VIRTUAL MEETINGS and CREATE SOPS for future re-integration to the new normal while my RIGHT brain can set up your employees to put on new lenses to uncover your new legendary service.

Why Jolene?

What gives me the confidence and audacity to know I can help your team? Practice. I enjoy stepping into the unknown and dabbling in differences, meeting people I never would bump into, discover topics I have never heard of, pop into new environments where I don’t belong and this rewards me with experiences I’ve never desired or dreamt of. All resulting in positive, eye-opening—-did I just get to do that -experiences. I will share with your team how to get curiosity and push boundaries. With this new framework, new ideas will float on in.

When I need new ideas, a different approach or fresh eyes? I shake it up by leaving my bubble:

• I wandered around in the dust, exploring the whimsical, imaginative playground of Burning Man

• I danced as 1 of the 3 Asian women with 2000 Black friends from Chicago and Atlanta on the Soul Train Cruise

• I experimented living “plan-less” for 44 days in a country I knew nothing about

I speak and consult on innovation and diversity, equity and inclusion.