Yesterday, I made this message to my Facebook friends who likely don’t know what I have been up to in the relationship realm. I wanted to let them know that I would like to put finding my guy on my schedule and that I will be doing something pro-active and would like their help.

Crowd Source Him Campaign

I am kicking off the first phase of my social experiment and idea from last night’s dinner. I want to be that woman who goes for it. I want to practice what I preach and to be a representative of my Women Who Go For It Series. I am going for it.

The next days 12 days I am launching a “Crowd source him campaign.” The goal is to find my long-term companion. I don’t know the outcome, but we will never know if we don’t try. This is the awareness phase. I want you to know that I am single and I do want to find him.

I am sharing with you my facebook friends the 12 top traits that I admire, respect and strive for myself. I want someone who is aligned with these qualities so we (my man and I) can make a colossal positive impact on this world. For the next 12 days, I will share with you these traits so if this reminds you of someone I should meet, great.

Why do I want to do it this way?

I’ve never seen this done and you all know me to some degree. You have all of networks. I know crowdsourcing is effective in many scenarios, why should this be any different?

This social experiment is the culmination of my book a week and 30 day challenges. All the business and self- development books I read about shared economy, building social networks, be vulnerable, books like the compound effect, 4 hour work week, never eat alone, 21 leadership laws, Unleash the power within they all lead to me say ask for what I want and to crowdsource.

I work from home

Most of you know that I’m an entrepreneur who works mainly from home, which means I don’t meet anyone unless I leave my cave. I spent the majority of 2015 working on myself/self-improvement as an individual, and getting clear on who I want to be and what I want to create and the impact I want to make in the world. I have been single and date free this year. I feel balanced in my departments and I am ready to meet my partner to explore the world. My ask to is think of your networks and see if there might be fellas who I might connect with and then invite me to your gatherings.

Wishing and hoping isn’t a pro-active strategy

I don’t want to wait around for a stork to deliver my ideal man to my doorstep. I haven’t been proactive on the guy front. And do doing the same old thing and to expecting different results. I don’t think that will work. I want to make things happen. Will you help me break my routine and do things differently. Let’s crowd source him. #sourcehim

Crowd Source Him Campaign – a Social Experiment in finding the right man for Jolene

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