This type of dancing it called Fusion. It’s a mix of all your dance moves set to diverse mashup songs. The dance you have will ever be the same.

When I guy dances with you here, it is deliberate. Like “would like to go out with me on date, unlike, hey, what are you to tonight?”

In the dance, its not routine, its a masterpiece using you and your partners magic to creative a scene together. As a follow, I have no idea how is going to go. Sometimes, the music will have no deliberate beat like an operatic song, which I could not normally dance too. However, it is my not job, my partner will take care of it and take me with him. My job is to trust him and to go with it.

It’s incredibly creative filled with surprises along the way. I feel like the guy is making an effort to make me feel like a star. Seriously, I feel graceful. I feel like I star of the show. It’s flattering.


Dancing Demonstrates Desirable traits in a man

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