How many years has it been since I wore my fun decade clothes and all the fancy hats? Uhhhh, yeah, it’s been probably 6-7 years at least. I do love decade parties. Back in the day, I was the Decade Diva and companies would hire me to do an 80s party of 70s for the end of their conference or at a special corporate party. Studying the decades and creating programs using the jargon, fads, trivia was so much fun. However, when will I wear my massive wardrobe of clothes from the 20s-80s? Well, I am a bit stuck in the 80’s. I do go to many 80s parties.


Because I was in the events community, I was always invited to big, dress up, theme parties. Those days seem to be over, booohooo! I am waiting for invitations, hint, hint.


Anyway, back  in the day, I got to wear all sorts of fun clothing from different countries and eras. Nowadays, I need to create an event happen if i want to wear odd clothing. I admit many of the clothes I have accumulated over the last 30 years, I have not worn yet. To relieve me of any guilt, I am going to wear all of the clothes, before I donate them.

For all of the clothing, I want to hang on to, I must wear them before July 1, 2012. This includes finding an occasion to wear my hot pink, sequin dress, belly dancing outfit and many more.



Decade Diva moves on

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