As I age, as I consult and as I lead, I question my fun factor. Because I am so into efficiency and effectiveness, my fun doesn’t always say “hello.” The people who have met me in the last year may not think of fun when they think of me. It’s about time I ask about people’s impressions of me. I request my Return On Image clients do this, I should do the same.

As I am heavy into “Meeting Maximizing” I forget that people appreciate my fun. Not everyone is as hardcore entrepreneur and they may not love the all the ideas popping out of my head and my no nonsense business style. Recently I have questioned, “Have I become one of them?” Yes, the standard, boring, wor


How about you? Have you floated away from your core?ker bee who believes there is no value in fun. It’s frightening. The last seven years, I have been influenced by the National Speakers Association, which is the best organization for a speaker, writer, consultant and trainer to join. However, I am fun. I feel that… I wasn’t brain-washed, but I was persuaded to conform to traditional ways for fitting in as a speaker. This has pushed out my fun, audience interaction and the qualities that made me memorable and stand out. I am fighting back.

Think back to the time, when you were “pure you.”

  • What made you happy?
  • What did you do?
  • Who did you hang out with?
  • What did people think of you?
  • What did you think of yourself?

As I run through this exercise, I am bringing back the activities that made me happy. Plus, I am making sure I am not a completely “adventure-less being”. I don’t want to be old and boring.

  • Swing Dancing – I used to swing dance 5 nights a week in 1998-2001 or so. It is one of those activities, where you get an amazing work out without knowing it.
  • Improv – I took classes for a year, which was both stressful and rewarding. Now I am watching whose line is it and going to improv shows and having little improv gatherings.
  • Salsa Dancing – Last year, I went twice, otherwise, I am inexperienced with salsa, but experiencing the differences is fascinating. I have Salsa on my calendars for Thursdays at the Century Ballroom.
  • MC Hammer Concert – Yes, it was “Rad!” My dad drove a ton of us rascals in the cargo van in the snow to get to his concert in 1988ish that was canceled at the last minute. So we caught the concert in 2010 instead.
  • Recreate at Green Lake – Almost every morning in 2000, whenI worked for someone else, I worked out at 6:30am in the morning or rollerblading around Greenlake with my R & B tunes. It was bliss. I forget how much I love music. Recently, I have cruised the Green Lake scene a few times. It’s Seattle’s Central Park.
  • Karaoke – All the nights, I was dancing, I was singing Karaoke. This is in my future.
  • Blizzard Beach – I mentioned losing my adventure and being risk-averse. Well, we were watching the Travel Channel a few months ago regarding “Extreme Waterslides.” We saw and we conquered. (Yes, you will see footage soon.)

Stop and think about yourself, before you kick the bucket. What do you need in your life?

Did the fun leave with the Fun Specialist title?

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