I am fascinated with humans. How can we be so alike and yet so different? If we are curious about others differences instead of naturally herding with those who are just like us, we can learn about others, but what you wouldn’t expect is to learn so much about yourself. I’ve been planting myself into different environments and learning a lot about me.

As a curious extrovert, I love to explore and understand our planet full of wondrous beings. And I like to share what I find — Show and Tell was my favorite school activity. — that is why I capture all the images and videos. Underneath all of the uniqueness is a shared desire for all of us to connect. I want to uncover these findings and make it rewarding for us to be open-minded to the differences and to see the commonalties.

Interviews by Jolene Jang – provides onsite reporting and video interviews. @ConfReporter

“Different Than Me” Video Series

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