Back in the 80s, Seattle had a local comedy, evening show called Almost Live. Great show. It often made fun of Ballard. Some of the folks we know are here in Seattle like Producer, Bill Stainton and Tracey Conway. The show had a lot of inside jokes connecting with the people live in our communities.

Do you remember this sketch, the High-Fivin’ White Guys? I cannot find the one, I want to reference, but here is a clip.

I bring this up because there was one particular sketch that really made me laugh (of course I can’t find it.) Here is our feeble re-enactment of the moment that made me laugh.

The other day, a couple of my friends met up at Baranof, which is such a cool neighborhood Karaoke Bar. Many years have passed since I had seen “Bull”. When we were singing our karaoke hits, I just remembered the high fiving white guys. Bull was the black guy walking down the street who wanted to join the guys. However, they couldn’t reach his hand.  On the way out of Baranof, we saw another six foot eight person and I think that triggered the memory. Yes, I feel special. I know the tall black hand that couldn’t be fived.

Do you remember the High-Fivin’ White Guys?

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