After a busy, busy, whirlwind tour with Santa and reindeer, Jolene and Vinh got interviews with Blitzen, Comet and Cupid.  The reindeer team are happy to get a bit of R and R. Blizten said, “The best part of the house visits is teasing the household dogs. These silly creatures don’t know what to do when they see us on the roof. Fun!”

Jolene Jang, “Comet, I understand that you want to clear up a myth? Have you applied to mythbusters? Tell me about your beef –I mean your message.”

Comet, “Well, Jolene, from what I read about you online, you Speak Up For Justice. You will understand where I am coming from. It is about time we take a stand, right? Miss Rudolph, Mrs. Dancer and Aunt Blitzen, are you with me? I understand you were formally the Fun Specialist and currently the Meeting Maximizer – you must meet a lot of people. Will you share our message? Humans are always referring to us as males? Are we not pretty? Are we not smart? WE ARE FEMALES! We are the ones who work so hard to bring Santa around the world. It is time to be recognized. I don’t understand why males always get the credit. What’s up? The guys don’t have antlers during Christmas, but without fail, they take the credit. We are not all about the credit, but we wouldn’t mind a little recognition.

Rudolph and Family

In our travels to Alaska we visited all of Rudolph’s friends and family at reindeer farm. This reindeer farm was a touch magical and at the same time demystifying.  In  the movies, Prancer and Donner and friends are tall. Reindeer come in a wide range of sizes (if you are ordering online).

Reindeer Farmreindeerface

We walked through a little house structure to get to the reindeer. The young woman gives us reindeer food (tasty) and tells us the youngsters are shy. I don’t know about you, but before I hangout in an open space with animals with big piercing antlers, I’d like to know more about the animals behavior. I guess this is where my event planning and professional speaking experience comes into play. Yes, I want to know the audience before I begin.

Trial and error feeding technique

Feeding the Reindeer

We approached the little reindeer slowly. Indeed they were skiddish.  Now, when we found the older dudes who know we have food for them, they were keen on us. How do you feed an animal who has 30″ inches of pointy, pokey antlers in your face? Perhaps this was my personal problem. As the reindeer bends his head to eat the food from my hand, his and hers heavy antlers follow. Getting out of antler range took some trial and error. Long arms would be beneficial, but were not an option.


Cool Factoid

Both the guys and gals grow antlers every year. I wonder how much the antlers grew while we were there, seriously.

If you have felt the texture of a cattail or a pussy willow, their  antlers are a similar fuzzy texture. However, they are sensitive, not about their fuzzy fashion, but to the touch.  

senior reindeer

If you look at his senior dude here with the pink mushroom looking globs around his antlers, he is sporting last years new color palette of chocolate and pink hues. He would not tell me how he grew this unique fashion statement, perhaps like a magician, he doesn’t want to share his secrets.  

 Jolene interviews senior guy about his fashion

Santa’s Lady Crew

The deal is that males lose their antlers in November and December, so females are the ones who help Santa. I do want to share Comet’s message to the world. Santa’s team is female. After all women and minorities are coming up, why should this movement be just for humans. I knew there was a meaningful connection between this blog entry and me. We both want to speak up for justice.

Merry Christmas!

Exclusive interview with Santa’s Comet

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