It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood – as Jim Neighbors would sing. My day was filled with energetic, positive, entrepreneurial people.  To add to the already positive day, my Parking karma has been top notch this last year.

Everyday, I make a conscious effort to create new opportunities. Yes, this includes taking different routes on the way home to see a new street or neighborhood. Breaking my routine here and there, helps me stay fresh and keeps my mind adjusting, yes this means brushing my teeth with my non-dominant hand and even parting my hair on the opposite side once in a while. By creating a slight change, I welcome “newness” into my life and I welcome opportunities.

Today, when I went to go fill up my meter, I did not see my car. Of course, this is nothing new to me, for some reason, I am challenged with locating my car. This time, I didn’t take a picture of the cross street. However, this street is unique because it has a dedicated bicycle lane. While speedwalking in my heels, which was not ultra-comfortable, I remembered I was parked outside the Metropolitan Grill. I asked one of the boy valets about the parking and he immediately he asked if I had a green Mercedes. When I called the number posted on the pole – by the way, I don’t think I am the only one to be towed  on this street if they have a dedicated sign- the lady on at tow place didn’t know how to describe the location of the tow lot, really? They towed all the way to U-district.

I figured, I could hitch hike a ride from the Surf Incubator attendees and exhibitors. Nope. It seemed like no one had a car, lots of bussers. The bus riders did tell me where to catch the bus. No, I am not a bus rider unless I am traveling in another town. My plan A hitching was a miss, Plan B I texted a couple of friends who might be still be in the area, nope, so I headed for the bus Plan C. Typically, I don’t have much cash. Here I am scrounging in my bag for change. Yeah, I had the bus fare $.10 to spare.

Here is the rest of the story.


From now on, I will carry 8 quarters and $20 in smaller denominations at all times. My little towing expedition was fun. Had my car not been towed or had I got a ride from a friend, I wouldn’t have been able to discover and meet others. I think my experience was worth $251. I rather not do it often, but it forced me to do new things and break my routine.


Getting towed in Seattle – My little adventure

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