Timeline of Attacks


78-year-old man punched and robbed while collecting cans

~ Manhattan ~ on the street ~ Chinese ~ Man ~78 years old “This is mine, not yours,” is what..Read More

Asian woman was punched by 3 woman and given a concussion for asking for proof of vaccine

~ Manhattan ~ Asian woman ~ 24 year old ~ at restaurant Kaeita Nkeenge Rankin, 44, her 21-year-old niece Tyonnie..Read More

Asian man struck in the head

~ Chicago ~ City street ~ Man According to authorities, the suspect struck the victim in the head, causing him..Read More

Asian Man bashed into the windshield for 7 minutes while others watch

~ Bronx, NY ~ Side of freeway ~ 28 year old ~ Chinese ~ Man It was a violent explosion..Read More

Punched in Face and Thrown at Trash Can While Walking Home

~ Walking ~ NYC ~ Asian ~ Woman ——————– At 00:02:30 in the video. an Asian woman recounts incident. She..Read More

Man tries to light Asian Man dog on fire, then punched the Asian owner

~ SF ~ Street ~ Asian ~ Man ~ Dog ~ 66 years old —– Suspects reportedly assaulted a beloved..Read More

Man Tries to Drive Over Asian Woman Walking in Seattle

~ Seattle ~ On sidewalk outside home ~ Asian ~ Women ~ Millenial ~ Anonymous victim —————————————————- An Asian woman..Read More

Culprit hits def Asian woman on the head and she falls on the subway tracks

~ NYC ~ Subway ~ Def woman ~ Chinese ~ 59 year old ~ Xing Zhou 4 days before this, he..Read More

Johns Hopkins Issues Statement Regarding Racially Abusive, Anti-Asian Attack On Student

~ Baltimore ~ Campus ~ Asian ~ Woman ——————– Officials at Johns Hopkins University on Saturday released a statement after..Read More

Asian women punched and fell on subway tracks

Perpatrator who threw woman on the tracs

~ NYC ~ Subway ~ Woman ~ 30 year old   Pierre was taken into custody shortly after. The victim..Read More