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Show Host | Event Host | Emcee | Interviewer | TV Talent | Content Generator

Hire Jolene to increase your visibility. attendance at your event by generating content. How does she work it?

Jolene is a peacock who takes the attention she receives and reflects it on others. This talent can be re-purposed for many reasons. She is able to attract people and make them comfortable quickly. This ability helps her uncover unique thoughts from her interviewees. If you need an injection of energy into your program because you need people to care and to listen, she will deliver. Jolene is an ice breaker, connector, gap bridger and community builder. You can put her on the stage, in the halls or in a studio. Her mission is to be inclusive, and to engage, share and motivate to action.


  • Conference Reporting
  • Emceeing
  • Audience Interaction
  • Team Building
  • Experiential Promos


  • Green Screen Sessions
  • Interviews with you
  • On Screen Talent
  • Promotional Videos
  • Host Video Series


  • Technology Effectiveness
  • Social Media Efficiency
  • Content Generation
  • Being Top of Mind
  • Meeting Maximization
  • Consistent Branding

Why Jolene?

The differentiator reasons you may select Jolene is for her ability to connect with people and her inquisitive, bold, spunky, playful, authentic, WYSIWYG, Go For It Attitude. Jolene is action-oriented and she will get your job done now.

You will receive her:

  • Energy
  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Experience
  • Creativity
  • Honesty

With her background steeped in event planning, meeting maximizing, team building, branding, social media and fun, she will deliver you a unique, effective, attention getting solution that includes people interaction.