What is NOT appealing to Asian Americans costing your company?

  •   Do you know this ethnic population is increasing at the fastest rate?
  •   That Asian Americans have the fastest growing purchasing power?
  •   Are you neglecting this important ethnic group?

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are now on everyone’s radar, but the plight of Asian Americans is not.  Most Americans do not know much about Asian Americans and leave Asians out of the DEI conversation.  Many Asians in America feel invisible and unheard.

To attract and retain Asian American talent and clients, you need to be Asian Inclusive. It’s uncomfortable to talk about race, ethnicity, and culture, that’s why Jolene approaches it carefully. It’s difficult for non-Asians to understand what it is like to be Asian American.  That’s why Jolene shares real-life stories, gathered from conducting hundreds of interviews with Asian Americans about their lived experiences, in her training program.  Jolene effectively:

  •    Uses gamification to ease people into delicate discussions.
  •    Frames the programs with familiar, comfortable associations, like Name that tune, Jeopardy-style games, nostalgia, and pop culture to engage the participants
  •    Explains why this information is relevant to them today

Jolene has collected over 40 hours of content for diversity, equity, and inclusion training.  She shares it in speeches, workshops,  and creative consulting projects.   For example, she recently designed a theater lobby display to educate theatergoers on Asian American history and contributions to our culture.

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How can Jolene help your organization?

With over 26 years in business as a team builder, entertainer, and motivational speaker, Jolene Jang connects with diverse audiences. She has built targeted networks of Asian Americans and supporters to get their thoughts and feelings on these sensitive subjects. Learning from textbooks is one thing, but sharing examples drawn from today’s headlines and talking about how it is affecting your co-workers can create a safe environment for everyone, including your Asian American employees. Your company will reap tremendous benefits by being Asian inclusive.